Easily Touch-Up Woodwork

Get it done quick by using a spray can of satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss paint

To easily touch-up woodwork (if using white finish only), here's what to do:

  • Clean trimwork of all dirt and grime

  • Lay a protective barrier over flooring (next to base), such as cardboard or blue masking tape.

  • Lightly (and gently - no drips or runs) spray paint onto base or other trimwork. You'll want to "feather" it, so the finish will appear consistent.

  • Let dry before moving on to painting other surface(s).

    It's important to note here, that you are touching up the base, and other trimwork, before you paint anything else. Then, after the woodwork is fully dried, you can apply finish paint. If you get wall paint on the trim, simply wipe off with a wet rag (keeping one handy at all times).

    Also, make sure the trimwork throughout the room has a good, solid base coat of paint on it prior to doing any kind of touch-up work. Touch-up only when the existing coat looks good and fresh, or nearly freshly painted.

    Again, this is a great tip to save you a fair amount of time and money, but not at the expense of the room's appearance, and overall condition. (this is really handy for rental property owners)

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