Various Types of Step Ladders

Of all the seemingly endless array of gizmos and the latest, must-have gadget, step ladders are probably the most over-looked item.

If you're going to do any painting at all in your home, you're going to need a reliable ladder.

Good Old Reliable "Woody"

wooden step ladder

I like to use a rather lightweight, wooden ladder (like the one shown) simply because it's a little easier, and a little less awkward to haul around as opposed to my other ladders. The wooden ladder is not as sturdy as say an aluminum or even a fiberglass ladder, but if I don't get too top heavy by standing at the top rung, I won't have any problems.

(And certainly from a safety standpoint, you never want to stand at, or near the top of a step ladder anyway!)

That's why I use it for light-duty work where I don't have to get up very high, but still need to get close to whatever it is I'm looking at to paint.

Nothing Beats Fiberglass

Louisville Ladder step ladder

Another great piece of equipment to have on hand is a fiberglass step ladder because of the fact that it provides such a sturdy platform from which you do your work. It's certainly heavier to use than a wooden ladder or even an aluminum ladder. But , to me, I simply prefer having a little more piece of mind when continually going up and down a ladder, and not having to worry if it's going to hold up, or not.

That, and it can take a beating as well.

Instant Scaffolding!

Werner folding ladder

Another nice addition to your equipment list (for you serious do-it-yourselfers) is a folding ladder (shown).

This is not really a step ladder as such, but I think it can be of help to you in certain projects where a step ladder might not make sense.

An example of this would be an interior stairwell that is too big for a step ladder, but too small for a full size extension ladder. With a folding ladder, you can take it in to the area (in this case a tight stairwell), and get to work. Unfold it, do your paint job, fold it back up, and your done!

Another example would be that it can traverse your shrubs and bushes surrounding the house, when painting the exterior siding of your home.

And, one more nice feature is that it can act as scaffolding for areas which require continuous detail work, whereby you don't have to keep getting up and down your step ladder.

It is somewhat noteworthy that I don't recommend aluminum ladders because of the sturdiness factor, both in construction, and of the safety issue.

I've used them before, and am sure I will use them again. I simply prefer to use fiberglass when given a choice, because I like to feel like I'm on solid footing.

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