Quick and easy stainblocking and sealing capabilities for all manner of stains

Ask any professional painter about oil-based primer and stainblocker, they'll probably tell you how well it seals, hides, and covers any stain and odor.

As a home, and/or rental property owner, you've probably seen your share of abused walls and woodwork. Deep black scruff marks on the bedroom and closet walls, grease and grime staining the kitchen and bathroom walls, dirty hand prints and crayon marks in the kid's room.

Here's an oldie, but a goodie - Having to repaint the bedroom wall several times just to hide the well-worn area where the headboard of the bed constantly rubbed against the wall.

You name it, you've probably seen it!

Well, here's a great tip to completely hide those stains once and for all.

  • Get yourself a spray bottle (or two), of sealer-primer-stainblocker.

    (I personally like to use KILZ Original, interior oil-base stainblocker - I just thinks it's the best stuff on the market)

  • Clean the intended surface

  • Lightly spray the dark, marked-up, dirty areas real well

    (at this point, you may be using multiple cans for multiple rooms. Keep in mind, it might be more appropriate to roll primer on the entire area if it's in really poor condition. On rare occasions you might do this, but I think using spray cans is just as effective, and less time consuming for light duty work)

  • Let dry (about 15 to 20 minutes)

  • Paint over affected areas with original paint

    Don't worry if you see all these little white streaks and dots sprayed all over the walls and woodwork. After you painted over the surface and let dry, you will see how easy, and quick it is, to effectively hide any trace of scruff and stain marks.

    (NOTE- be sure to ventilate the area well, and wear a mask over your face - the odor can be strong)

    The ultimate benefit to all this, is time savings. And, we all know, as property owners, time is money.

    As an example of hiding a nasty stain such as on this closet shelf, you can go from this ......

    applying primer/stainblocker to stains

    .... to this finished shelf, in just a few short, easy steps.

    apply finish paint over primer/stainblocker

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