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Painting Tools and Equipment

Extension Poles

Roller Pans

Paint Brushes

Drop Cloths

Roller Frames

Roller Covers

Extension Cords

Interior Paint Preparation

Interior Preparation

Proper Use of Blue "Painter's" Masking Tape

Caulk: What It Is and How To Use It

Great Prep Tips Using Stainblocker

How to Match Paint Color (when original paint does not exist anymore)

"Should I Use A Drop Cloth"?

All Things Caulk

Exterior Paint Preparation

Pressure Washing Tips and Information

"Should I Use A Paint Sprayer To Paint My Exterior"?

Exterior Sealing and Caulking

Should I Use A Drop Cloth Outside?

Interior Painting Procedures

How to properly "cut in" walls, ceilings, and trimwork

How to Paint Walls

How tp Paint Newly Installed Drywall

What to do After You Remove Wallpaper

How to Properly Paint Textured, or Uneven Walls and Ceilings

How to Paint Furniture

Painting a Closet

How to Paint Cabinets

"Should I Refinish The Bathtub Myself"?

Interior Painting Tips

Great Tip for Painting New Woodwork Before Installation

Quick Touch-Up For Woodwork

Painting Over Wallpaper

Why You Should Lightly Sand After Applying Primer

How to Repair Damaged Metal Corner Edges of Walls

Great Tip to Smooth Out Any Irregularities in Wall Joints (corners of walls)

How to Match Paint Color (with nothing to match against)

How to Eliminate Water Stains

How to Eliminate Scruff marks

Great Time-Saving Tip When Painting Corners of Walls and Ceiling Joints

Common Repairs

Drywall Repair

Quick Fix for Small (picture-hanging) Nail Holes

How to Repair Small Holes in Walls and Woodwork

Why Should I Mix Joint Compound (otherwise known as drywall mud)?

Cleaning Your Equipment and General Maintenance

Brush Clean-Up and Proper Maintenance

Paint Roller Clean-Up and Maintenance

Great Tip to Extend Life of Paint Brush Keepers

Clean Out That 5 gallon bucket (and it's possible uses)

How to Remove Dried Paint From Carpeting

Interrupted While Painting? Keep Your Brush Fresh While You're Away

Remedial Advice - Painting, Cleaning, Sealing, Stainblocking

Using Stainblocker (oil-based primer) Effectively

Removing Pet Urine Odor

Removing Heavy Smoke (cigarette, cigar, other) Odor and Stains

Dealing With Lead Paint

Removing Black Mold

Removing Paint From Concrete Surfaces Using Chemical Stripper

Paint /Paint Products

The Different Types of Paint

Primer: What It Is and How Best To Use It

Stainblocker/ Sealer/ Primer

Difference Between Latex Paint and Oil-Based Paint

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