Shop Vac Backpack Vacuum 285-00-10 (model number)

In addition to being a great "all-around" vacuum cleaner for home or office use, the Shop Vac backpack vacuum 285-00-10 (model number) also doubles (for me) as an extremely useful dust collection system while sanding drywall during one of my many repair jobs I do throughout the year.

The Shop-Vac 285-00-10 1-3/4 Gallon 2 Horsepower Back Pack Vacuum is excellent for not only vacuuming fine drywall dust, but also for use throughout the house, condo, apartment, or wherever you're doing work.

If you're a do-it-yourself type of person, a rental property owner who likes to "make ready" your units yourself, or even a retired person who stilllikes to make some money on the side, this just might be one of the better additions to your tool chest. It will:

  • save time (which means many $$$)

  • greatly reduce drywall dust that can fall anywhere and everywhere.

  • allow you freedom to move about

  • easily carried from job to job

  • allows you to do all your cleaning with this one vacuum

    I have found that I can easily haul my components around in a nylon duffle bag that keeps everything nice and orderly in one bag. No searching around for this and that.

    If your like me and tired of sanding drywall the old, manual "hand-sanding" way, breathing drywall dust, and getting dust all over you, try the backpack method.

    It might seem a bit awkward at first, but, with time, you'll soon get used to it.

    You'll quickly see what I mean.

    (After use with drywall sanding, I have found it's always a good idea to occasionally clean the unit to ensure optimum working performance.)

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    Also ...

    If you don't already have a palm (or orbital) sander to use with the Shop Vac backpack vacuum 285-00-10, please check out the DEWALT DW421K 5" Heavy Duty Random Orbit Palm Sander.

    This is an excellent tool for not only drywall sanding, but many other sanding procedures as well.

    Why hand-sand when you can go with power.

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