Removing Scruff Marks

Hide unsightly marks on walls and woodwork with this method

In the case of "removing" scruff marks, what you're really trying to do is cover them, rather than remove them. If you cannot clean a mark off with your favorite cleaning solution, then the following tip will help you save a lot of time and effert.

Here one minute - Gone the next

  • Clean the intended area off as best you can.

    (you might find that the mark in question was actually an old, dried, mud-caked scratch on the wall that will quickly clean up )

  • If it's a light mark, just take some of the existing wall paint, and touch it up.

  • For deep, black marks, spray on some stainblocking/primer.

    Use an oil-based primer (Kilz Original oil-base in a spray can) to cover the area, as it completely covers in one application. Even those deep, black scruffs can be covered in one spray application.

    Let dry for fifteen minutes to a half an hour.

    - Caution - Do not hold the can in one place and continue to spray. The quick build-up of paint will puddle and drip in a hurry. Just lightly spray the primer on in a brushing motion, as if you were brushing paint on the wall.

  • Apply a coat (or two) of your original finish paint over affected area.

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