Lightly Sand a Wall After Priming For Best Results

By removing dirt and dust before you add your finish coat, you greatly enhance the look and texture of the surface

This important, but often overlooked step - to sand a wall after priming - will result in a consistently smooth surface.

Why is that?

Well, if you think about it, by removing all the fine bits of dust and dirt that can end up on the surface after priming (despite all your best efforts to keep them off), you remove any glaring imperfections that would certainly attract your attention. This is especially true if applying a finish coat with a high sheen factor. In other words, painting over any imperfection would just be amplified.

It's best to go ahead, and get it at it's source early in the process.

And when you're done sanding, wipe the dust off the wall with a tack rag (for best results), an ordinary clean rag, or duster.

Use the following:

  • #120 - #220 grit sandpaper and block sander

  • Sanding pole for higher-reach areas

  • Run your hand over surface to determine where to sand.

    Once you come upon a rough area, lightly sand, and wipe off dust.

    Repeat same procedure for woodwork.

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