Quick Tip to Repair Small Nail Holes

Hang a picture in the wrong palce? No problem

Did you ever hang a picture on the wall, and then change your mind?

You can repair small nail holes holes easily with this great tip:

  • Mix a small amount of present original finish paint with a dab of white latex caulk.

    (mix well until the color of mixture matches wall color)

  • Apply the mixture to hole

  • Wipe away any excess (with wet rag)

  • Let dry

    This quick-fix will keep you from having to fill the hole, break out the paint brush, and to avoid all the cleanup.

    You should only do this for very small holes because larger ones simply won't accept the caulk well enough. It'll have that "caved-in" look when it completely dries. Works best with latex paints.

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