Repair Small Holes

Quick and easy method to hide unsightly holes walls and woodwork

When you want to repair small holes in walls and woodwork, do the following:

NOTE - For any wall and/or ceiling, use joint compound, or spackling paste. For woodwork, use putty. Any of these filler types can be sanded.

  • Make sure the intended surface is clean

  • Use a putty knife to spread filler into hole

  • Let fully dry (check details on manufacturer's label for drying duration)

  • Lightly sand

  • Prime surface -if you are repairing walls only, use spray-on type of primer, such as KILZ Original oil-base. If you are repairing woodwork, use original (existing) paint, for purposes of touch-up.

  • Repaint surface

    And now you should have a seamless repair job well-done.

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