Removing Wallpaper Border

Chemical-free and easy to do

My best advice when removing wallpaper border is to use warm water and let it soak into paper really well.

Generally speaking, removing wallpaper that was put on without regard to the necessary prep work can be excruciatingly tedious, and painstaking.

(You know what happens when the wall was not correctly coated for wallpaper don't you? That's right! The paper, when in the process of being removed, just seems to stick to the wall, and only comes off in little bitty strips!)

Most people have put up wallpaper borders over a wall that in all probability has a lot of paint on it already. So, that may be enough of a base to remove unwanted paper rather easily.

I find this to be the case in most, if not all, situations.

Here's What I Do

  • Get a large sponge full of warm/hot water, and soak the entire strip twice.

  • Let it soak in really well, and begin to remove paper. If paper seems to keep sticking, soak paper some more.

  • Keep applying water to area just ahead of your progress (about 2- 3 feet ahead of you)

  • Clean area well (with warm/hot water) where paper was just removed. Little bits of backing paper and glue can remain to re-dry, which would require the process all over again.

    The reason I use water when removing wallpaper border is simply because I would rather not use chemicals when given the choice. There are certainly times when chemical wallpaper remover would be advantageous, but to me as I have found in most situations, water is the best way.

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