Removing Paint

Take the necessary steps for removing paint from most any surface.

NOTE It's always a good idea to wear protective eyewear and rubber gloves when working with caustic materials such chemical stripper and sharp tools.

Prepare The Surface

  • Thoroughly clean the surface of any dirt and grime

  • Scrape any loose paint from surface

  • If indoors, have plenty of ventilation

    Remove the Paint

    Now, using the following example of a front porch (pictured), we'll go through the simple steps for removing paint.

    preparing front porch for paint removal

  • Wearing your protective gear as discussed earlier, brush on the stripper to the surface with a disposable brush you can purchase at any hardware, or home store. Use a powerful stripper (like the one pictured).

    paint remover

  • Apply liberally and in even coats. Let sit for several minutes until it begins to blister.

  • Using a floor scraper (with razor edge), begin to scrape the paint off.

    floor scraper

    scraping paint with scraper

  • Repeat process for really heavy, thick paint.

    (Understand that several applications may be required depending on the layers of existing old paint)

    Great Results

    With a little hard work and perserverence, you can achieve the results you want. Just like the owner of the front porch (following pictures) elected to do, you can leave a nice, smooth concrete surface ...

    paint removed from porch

    paint removed from porch

    ... or simply add a new, fresh coat of paint.

    Whichever way you decide, you now have the knowledge to help you on your way to getting a clean surface.

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