Priming Tip for Wall Corners and Ceiling Joints

Prime wall corners and ceiling edges, and easily add your finish coat

Great time-saving priming tip for the corners of your walls, ceiling joints, and baseboards to reduce the amount of work you'd do painting with a brush.

When you want to go from deep, dark, or vivid colors on your interior walls to lighter colors, avoid extra work by doing this simple procedure:

* Clean all the corners with a dust rag, and the tops of the baseboards with a clean wet rag.

* Use a spray can of oil-based stainblocker (Kilz Original oil-base, or similar)

* Lightly spray in desired areas (such as pictured)

prime wall corners and ceiling joints

* Let dry

* Paint corners using new (or original) wall paint

* Repaint ceiling if needed, or touch-up, using original ceiling paint


Wear a mask (or resperator) over your face at all times, as the fumes from the spray can be somewhat overpowering. Always ventilate the area really well by opening up windows, and running a fan (or two), if possible.

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