Painting Tools and Equipment

There are many different types of painting tools out on the market today.

Follow the links to what I think are the most important pieces of equipment you need to have on hand when you begin your project.

Before you begin painting, please take time to review the list, to make sure you have the proper equipment, for your particular application.

There are, as I have said earlier, many different types of products for you to purchase. Be careful with the temptation to buy "gimmicky" items that result in less money in your pocket, and more work for your project.

The old painting pros I know use simple, time-tested methods and tools for a reason. The old saying still applies: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". In other words, some of the old ways of doing things are still the best way to them today. And I agree.

Painting Tools and Equipment

Paint brushes

Paint roller frames

Roller covers (sleeves)

Roller pans

Step ladders

Extension poles for paint rollers

Using a drop cloth

Related Equipment

Extension cords

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