Handy Painting Tips and Advice

The following are links to great time-saving painting tips that I've picked up along the way from years of experience.

There are some good ones here, but, rest assured, there's many more out there that I haven't covered yet, but, in time, will address on this page.

I will be actively updating this page often. When I personally see, or hear of something that can be of benefit to anyone with a painting question, I will do my best to add it here as soon as possible.

Interior Painting

Great tip for painting before installing new trimwork

Quick touch-up for woodwork

Painting over wallpaper

Removing wallpaper border

Priming tip for wall corners and ceiling joints

How to get rid of scruff marks

How to get rid of water stains

How to match paint color (with nothing to match against)

Try this touch-up tip for abused walls and ceilings

Quick fix for wall corners

Why should lightly sand a wall after applying primer?

Repainting worn corner edges of walls with exposed metal

Equipment Cleaning and General Maintenance

Brush clean-up and proper maintenance

Paint Roller clean-up and maintenance

Great tip to extend life of paint brush keepers

5 gallon bucket clean-up and possible uses

How to filter dirty paint

Removing dried paint from carpeting

Interrupted while painting? Keep your brush fresh with this simple tip

Common Repair Items

Drywall repair

Quick fix to repair small (picture-hanging) nail holes

Repair small holes in walls and woodwork

Why should I mix joint compound?

Remedial Advice - Painting, Cleaning, Sealing, Stainblocking

Rental property painting tips

Removing black mold

Using Stainblocker (oil-based primer) effectively

Removing pet urine odor

Removing heavy smoke (cigarette, cigar, other) odor and stains

Dealing with lead paint

Additional Links

House Painting Guide- For more great interior and exterior house painting info and tips, check out this excellent site by Karl Crowder.

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