Painting Procedures

Using proper painting procedures will result in professional-looking work whether you're painting a cabinet, a vaulted ceiling fifteen feet high, or the exterior siding of your house. So why not use some good advice, and helpful "how to's" from someone who's been there, done that.

Scroll through the different procedures to see which one might help you do your project in a better, more efficient way than what you thought might be possible.

If you've never painted anything before, have a little experience, or even very experienced painting something, you'll find these tips in some way can be of value to you.

Always know that I am constantly on the lookout for great ideas on how to make your project go as smooth as it possibly can. So, with that in mind, this page is a constant work in progress. I will update it every so often, to keep you informed as to what I come across "out there".

Interior Projects

All things Caulk!

How to properly "cut in" walls, ceilings, and trimwork

How to paint walls

Painting drywall (newly installed)

How to paint furniture

Painting a closet

How to paint woodwork

How to paint cabinets

Proper use of blue "painter's" masking tape

What to do after you remove wallpaper

Properly painting uneven/textured walls and ceilings

Exterior Projects

Removing paint from concrete

"Should I try using a paint sprayer?"

Pressure washing house exterior

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