Paint Roller Frames

The different types, and examples of specific uses

There are many different types of paint roller frames out on the market. I will, however, briefly examine the ones I'd recommend using for painting the interior (and exterior) of your home.

They are:

Standard 9" Roller Frame

Nine inch paint roller frames are probably the most popular on the market today.

The 9" roller (shown with sleeves) is ideal for painting average sized rooms and ceilings, say, for example, a 100 square-foot bedroom. Ten-foot wide walls, and eight-foot high ceilings, and a closet.

Nine inch paint roller frame and sleeves

Medium-Sized Roller Frame ( 7" )

Medium sized frames are ideal for painting exterior surface areas such as vinyl/wood siding, exterior wood trim, and masonry/concrete to name a few.

Seven inch frames (shown with sleeve) are handy for the surfaces where a 9" roller is just too much frame for a particular application (such as mentioned above).

Easy clean-up.

seven inch paint roller frame and sleeve

Small Roller Frame (3" - 6")

These roller frames (various shown with sleeves) are ideal for the hard-to-reach surfaces such as painting around closet shelves, the area behind toilet tanks, beside bathroom vanities...the list goes on and on.

They are also great for painting cabinets, doors, small rooms such as closets, laundries, and more.

Pretty handy considering the ease with which you use them, and the fact that they're extremely easy, and fast to clean up. A fact that I particularly like!

smal to medium sized paint roller frames and sleeves

Large-Framed Industrial Roller (18")

This frame (shown with sleeve) is generally what the professionals use on large painting projects. It's also ideal for rental property owners , as well as the serious do-it-yourselfer.

Basically, if you have a large amount of surface area to paint, you might want to consider this tool. Rental property owners who want to paint their units themselves, can save a lot of time and expense using large frame rollers.

By utilizing this roller with an extension pole , you can cut your working time in half.

I know, because I do this for a living! I just can't recommend this industrial-type roller enough for the serious do-it-yourselfer.

Takes a little while to clean, as you have to basically dismantle the frame, and clean it piece, by piece.

Cost for the frame is generally $20.00 bucks. Use a 3/8", or 1/2' nap roller pad for wall/ceiling surfaces.

large frame paint roller with sleeve

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