Match Paint Color

Can't find the original wall paint anywhere? Try using this method for matching color

You can still match paint color even if you don't have an old paint can or color swatch with which to match. This is possible for any color paint, on any wall you come across.

Here's how:

  • With a utility knife, cut a small 2" by 2" square in the drywall, preferably in an out-of-the-way place, such as the side wall, or down low, in a closet wall.

    If the color there is not what you're looking for, try a square in the higher part of a corner on the walls, where there is presumably, no dirt. All you're trying to get is just a little swatch.

    The trick here is to press the knife blade only slightly into the drywall. No need to go real deep. You're just trying to get the top layer of drywall off the wall.

    Once you've accomplished this, take this swatch to your local paint dealer or home store, and have the technician match up the color with his computer.

    -hint- use high-quality grade of paint, as there are more quality componenets (as opposed to being loaded down with a lot of filler that you'll find in cheaper paints) that make up more expensive paint. You'll pay a little more, but more importantly, you'll get a more accurate color match.

    Touch-up cut drywall area

  • Next, smooth some drywall joint-compound on the cut area. Let dry, and sand smooth.

  • Prime the area, let dry.

  • Apply finish coats as needed.

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