Mix Joint Compound for Best Results

Damaged drywall repair becomes much easier with the right "mud" consistency

Avoid using joint compound "right out of the bucket", as that is when it is very raw, and full of gummed-up bits of material. It can take awhile to work out those bits and pieces of compound as you constantly try to smooth the mud by hand, back and forth.

The solution to such a problem, is to whip the compound into a very smooth, consistent, easily spreadable drywall "mud".

To do that, do the following:

  • Purchase a whipping paddle, designed specifically for this purpose. It looks just like a larger version of a cake-batter mixer.

    whipping paddle used for mixing joint compound

  • It's designed for use with a power drill, to be tightened and locked into place, much as you would lock a regular drill bit into place.

  • Add a little water - just enough to "get it wet" - not much, maybe three or four spoonfuls. Add more as needed.

  • Blend the compound til the mixture is creamy and smooth. You are looking for the same consistency as cake icing - thick, but "spreadable".

    (do not add too much water, as it will become hard to control - too runny)

  • Immediately remove and clean paddle for next use.

    Now, you're ready to repair damaged drywall more easily, and in the process, be more successful.

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