How To Remove Pet Urine Smell

Effectively getting rid of pet urine smell after cleaning carpet once and for all

If you are wondering how to remove pet urine odor from your flooring, try what I learned to do long ago.

After years remodeling a number of rental apartments and houses, I have come across many units with flooring that shows the lingering effects of - shall we say - pet indiscretion (and some of that indiscretion can get downright awful).

The one thing that I have noticed, however, is that people generally assume that once you clean the carpet of with pet urine cleaners, you've taken care of the problem of how to remove pet urine odor. Many times, that is certainly the case. A little wetting here and there won't hurt much, especially if you get it right away.

But if the urine wetting was frequent and/or severe, particularly in the same general area, removing pet urine odor from the sub-floor will become paramount.

You see, the wood in the sub-flooring is very porous and, over time, will act as sponge, especially if your best friend continues to wet in a specific place. If you were to remove the carpet and pad, you would no-doubt see severe staining, and would probably detect a rather strong urine odor as well.

If You Want Keep Your Present Carpeting ...

Usually, a spot here and there can be treated relatively easily with carpet shampoo. If, however, the spotting is really bad, and the pet urine odor just won't go away after thoroughly treating the spots, it's a good bet the urine deeply penetrated the sub-floor to the point of excessive damage.

To keep present carpeting:

  • Pull up the carpet and have professional cleaned

  • Remove and discard affected padding

  • Apply a coating of oil-based sealer/stainblocker to affected area. Apply as many coats as necessary. Usually, 1-2 coats is all you will need. You are looking for the stain to be completely covered. This will certainly hide the stain, and the urine odor as well.

  • Install new pad (same weight, 6lb - 8lb - consult flooring specialist for details)

  • Re-install thoroughly-cleaned carpet

    Sealing Entire Flooring Area

    If, on the other hand, you want to replace the old carpeting and padding in it's entirety (and the pet urine odor), then simply remove and discard the old stuff (pad and carpet), and seal the entire sub-floor. By doing this procedure, you wil, in effect, seal away all of the remnants of past tenants and owners, and rendering virtually a new sub-floor in the process.

    Before doing anything, however, I would consult a flooring specialist (as mentioned above) as they will undoubtedly have run across this very problem many times before, and have a good idea as to how to approach the problem.

    Professional Contractor Help With Removing Pet Urine Smell

    In the event that you just don't have the time to deal with such a thing, have local, fully-insured professional contractors give you estimates on what it would take to get your floor situation up to speed. For more information on how to remove pet urine odor, please click the following button ...

    Also ...

    If you would like some great free information on how to clean pet urine, Please click the following Pet Urine Odor Remover Recipe for an outstanding "home remedy" using everyday materials.

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