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Rental Property Painting Tips

Great painting tips for the do-it-yourself rental property owner or manager

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Paint Preparation

Proper paint preparation is essential to attaining the professional looking results you want in your interior/exterior painting project

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Removing Paint

The necessary steps for effectively removing paint from most surfaces

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Removing Wallpaper Border

Detail of the best and easiest way on removing wallpaper border.

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What to Do After You Remove Wallpaper

Great tip to get your room back in shape after you remove wallpaper from the walls

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Got a question about caulk?

If you have questions about what type of caulk to use with regard to interior/exterior painting applications, check out the following link:

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Attention Rental Property Owners

Are you a rental property owner on a limited budget?

If you're like most people, you probably are.

Well, one way to save some time AND money, is to do-it-yourself. You can do this easily, and for a lot less money than what you might think.

Check out the following information for helpful painting, cleaning, and remedial tips and advice.

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