Extension Poles For Paint Roller

For higher-reach areas, use this tool instead of a ladder

Use to attach to your roller when you need to reach in excess of 7' - 8", or higher. Excellent for easy, safe, and efficient use of your time, to say nothing about the fact of not having to use cumbersome ladders all the time.

Very Effective .... and Safe

No problem if you're using extension poles to paint with, instead of going up and down rickety ladders all day.

The rollers screw right into the top of the pole for ease of use, resulting in quick and efficient maneuverability, as opposed to painting off of standard 6' and 8' (or higher) ladders.

Extensions come in all different lengths, anywhere from 12" wooden handle , all the way up to 10' (or more) in length.

They really are handy for quick work, when you just don't want to fool with a ladder.

Plus, they're safer to use (because you're standing on firm ground - not a wobbly ladder).

The following pictures (sorry if hard to see) showing one of my painters using an eight footer attached with an industrial-sized (18") paint roller. He is standing on a landing in a two-storey apartment building common area stairwell, and is painting a 10' wall.

Notice how easy the process looks compared to standing on a tall step ladder and reaching out to paint the ceiling or wall. (Definitely good for people who don't like heights)

painting ten foot ceilings with extension pole

painting interior stairwell with ten foot high ceiling

Extensions come in many different lengths, ranging from very small (basically an arm extension) of 2.5', all the way to 30' - 35'.

If you've got a strong arm to hold steady some of the long lengths that can be achieved, you're ready to use one of these!

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