Durable Types Of Paint

Brief analysis of the specific qualities and applications

A brief summary of specific durable types of paint that can be used for a variety of interior house painting applications.


This clear coating dries to a hard, tough, glossy shell which is resistant to moisture. Ideal for natural-grained look of woodwork, interior and exterior.


This is a varnish with pigment added that has the toughness and durability of a varnish. Excellent for painting cabinetry.


Tough, durable types of paint for use in high traffic areas (kitchen, bath, woodwork) because of it's durability and washability. Needs thinner or turpentine to clean up.


Two-part, mix type coating. Extremely durable, this coating is excellent for really tough applications such as steel and aluminum.

(I would not recommended this finish for beginners to use - unless you get help from someone with experience using this particular coating)


Another extremely durable, long life coating that's ideal for areas subject to high traffic and use. Comes in different glosses.


Great coating for all woodwork, especially flooring, which is subject to all manner of abrasions and scratches. Very durable. It goes on clear and dries to a hard, tough shell. Tends to yellow with age, and can have a strong odor.

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