Backpack Vacuum Sanding System For Drywall Finish

Sand drywall nearly dust-free with freedom to move about

In your latest drywall finish job, did you ...

  • Absolutely wear yourself out manually hand-sanding all that drywall finish?

  • Kick up so much dust you could actually breath it in through the mask you were wearing?

  • Produce enough dust to resemble a fresh blanket of snow that seemed to settle everywhere?

    I know because I've been there, done that. I basically decided, that if I was going to do more of this type work, I was going to do it differently (read smarter!), or simply not do it anymore - period.

    Well, lo and behold, I have found that by utilizing a backpack vacuum cleaner in conjunction with an orbital, or palm sander, the drywall finish jobs I use to dread suddenly became more attractive to me.

    This is a rather huge development for me because, I do this very same thing many times during the course of a year. As I said, I couldn't stand the thought of drywall finish jobs, even the small repairs. I kept putting off any wall/ceiling drywall finish repair work because I disliked sanding (and breathing the dust) drywall that much.

    Now, however, because of a timely tip from my brother-in-law, I no longer dread drywall finish.

    One day, as we were getting ready to sand a section of repair work in his basement, without even thinking he said "I wish I could just put this thing (vacuum) on my back so I could move around a lot easier!".

    An "Aha!" Moment

    The light bulb went on in my head. By that time I was already using a palm sander attached to my wet/dry vac for finishing purposes, so that idea alone was certainly not new to me. But, I did not, until that moment, think to incorporate a backpack vacuum into the equation.

    Well, I do now, and let me tell you, it works great thank you very much!

    I went from attempting to sand dust-free using my old cannister wet/dry vac .....

    sanding with cannister vacuum

    ..... to finishing drywall using a backpack vacuum (shown). It's my very own backpack sanding system, and it really works for me.

    I just wish I had thought of it sooner!

    drywall sanding with backpack vacuum

    Attention Do-It-Yourselfer's and Rental Property Owners

    If you're a do-it-yourself person, or a rental property owner who likes to "make ready" your units yourself, this might be a great addition to your tool chest. It will:

  • save time (which means $$)

  • greatly reduce drywall dust

  • allow you freedom to move about

  • easily carried from job to job

  • allow you to do all your cleaning with this one vacuum

    I have found that I can easily haul my components around in a nylon duffle bag that keeps everything nice and orderly in one bag. No searching around for this and that.

    If your like me and tired of sanding drywall the old, manual "hand-sanding" way, breathing drywall dust, and getting dust all over you, try the backpack method. It might seem a bit awkward at first, but, with time, you'll soon get used to it.

    You'll quickly see what I mean.

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