Closet Touch Up

Great tip to for quick and easy painting

Here's a great closet touch up tip for times when a full paint job is not needed.

And while a simple closet may not be the most important room in the house in terms of aesthetics, it does deserve some tender loving care, just like the other rooms. Any room (in this case a storage room for clothes and shoes) should always look good while even being one of functionality.

Prepare The Closet To Paint

  • Clean out closet completely

  • Remove shelving, hanger rods, and any hardware

    Note (If shelving is permanently nailed, or screwed down, leave in place and paint around)

  • This is a prime area for scruff marks. These can be easily taken care of by following the detailed instructions on the link shown.

    Now ... Paint the Closet

  • Paint surface using KILZ Original Primer (or another similar primer with compatible spray-on type cans of primer)

  • Clean and replace hardware, rods, and (freshly repainted) shelves).

    After you've painted the closet in primer, or a matching flat-sheened finish paint, you can now more easily touch up scruff marks, and any other assorted nicks and scratches that seem to appear frequently in closets and other storage rooms.

    Simply get a spray-on can of primer, spray the affected area, and your done!

    No need for a full repaint.

    This may seem like a lot of work to do for some room that few (if any) people will ever see. But by doing the "big" job right this one time, you'll more than likely just have to do a closet touch up every now and then.

    Besides, if the rest of your house looks great (and I'm sure it does), your closets should too.

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