House Painting Made Easy

Got a little house painting project in mind? I know … there's about 33 other things you'd rather be doing with your time right about now. But if it's got to be done, now is as good a time as any to finally get motivated.

With sincere apologies to earnest weekend painters everywhere, doing a good paint job versus a very average painting job is all about doing all the little stuff the right way. Not that your not doing anything wrong, but rather you might find here, within this site, some solid (read: great!) advice.

Some people are just naturally adept at house painting, while others (many) mostly just fight their way through a job while pretending to either enjoy it, or trying to convince themselves that they really did a nice job, or both.

The thing is, you can enjoy painting and do a great job in the process whether you're experienced at house painting or not. And if you are really good at it, just by stopping by you're bound to pick up a new pointer or two you hadn't thought of.

At the expense of sounding like an infomercial for big-box do-it-yourself stores everywhere (you know – the “You can do it, we can help” type marketing you see on TV during college bowl season where anyone who walks in can magically transform an entire house in a week or two without so much as getting a shirt dirty), you can expect to find first hand info on the following topics...

What You'll Find Within This Site

Like anything else, if you're not use to it, house painting can seem to be a bit overwhelming in the beginning.

Painting a small area? OK, not so tough. But let's say you want to tackle a large room, complete with woodwork, doors, and ceilings. Now you've got yourself a project!

You'll need to familiarize yourself with basics like learning how to paint your walls. It does require a little more effort than just picking up a roller and brush and start flailing away.

Ditto for painting a ceiling. But before you even do these two things, you'll need to start at the beginning with what to do before you begin painting.

While your at it, you may also want to check out the following topics …

  • Get a feel for the different types of paint out there on the market
  • Learn how to paint trimwork or, ...
  • Learn what to do in the event you've just installed new woodwork in your house
  • What is meant by the sheen in reference to paint?

And many more topics!

Keep checking back from time to time as I am always adding new pages with even better information for you as I move along with my work.

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